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Training diary

Internships for students

Every year, CERAH attracts many students from scientific, technical and administrative fields for a long-term internship or a graduation project.
Interested in biomechanics, research or willing to invest in a mission of general interest while enriching their personal training, they participate concretely in improving the consideration of disability in society and bring their knowledge to the world. optimization of the Center's service to people with disabilities.
Send a motivation letter and a curriculum vitae to the following address

Interventions at universities and other educational institutions

In their area of ​​competence, CERAH staff are involved in initial training courses of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.
Themes covered include lower limb amputee equipment, wheelchairs, technical aids or biomechanics under STAPS licenses, university degrees in orthopedic appliances, orthopedic prosthesis medical care, …

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Educational visit

The CERAH hosts groups for information days, whose themes are defined beforehand, and for visits to the various laboratories that make it up.

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ISO 9001

Certifié ISO 9001

Since 2005, CERAH has been involved in an ISO 9001 quality approach for continuing vocational training activities. Its good practices are audited each year by an accredited certification body.

Quality of training actions


In order to meet the requirements of the decree of 30 June 2015 on the quality of professional training, CERAH has chosen to supplement its quality commitment by a certification specific to the training actions that it delivers.

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CERAH organizes professional training sessions for pharmacists and providers of medical devices. Also interested are all professionals involved in motor disability: doctor, nurse, masseur-physiotherapist, occupational therapist, orthopedicist, manufacturer of medical devices, staff CPAM, CRAMIF and CARSAT, etc.